Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What is Consciousness for? or, Why Are We Conscious?

Let's imagine the idea of consciousness beyond the limited box of positivism, beyond mere materiality. What if consciousness works as an experience-gathering medium for an "organism" or field of personality that operates outside of the physical body? What if consciousness acts as the mouth and stomach of this "field-organism," ingesting, digesting and metabolizing experiences in order to make a psyche or soul that survives physical existence? Perhaps this is why all humans have an innate sense of infinity and immortality. What if the brain operates more like a television, a medium that gathers and projects invisible signals from distant sources in order to transmit them to a “Watcher,” for his/her education. This accords with John Keats, the 19th century Romantic poet, notion of soul making: http://www.mrbauld.com/keatsva.html. Perhaps each of us is an extension of our larger Self in this University of Physicality and Emotionality, with a brain, body, feelings and choices to be part of a larger creative project. Perhaps this Big Bang matrix is like a womb, gestating new beings, moving them from humans to HUMANS.

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