Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It never ceases to amaze me that we can argue theoretically for unity while practically holding to duality.

It is not uncommon these days to hear those who have been exposed to some Eastern spiritual ideas say, "I believe we must get beyond duality." Then a few moments later they will assert, "God is Health, Light and Wholeness." Ponder those two statements for a moment. What do you see?

If God is NOT ALSO disease, darkness and fragmentation, then you have duality. You see, the opposite of health is disease, which is duality; the opposite of light is darkness, which is more duality; and the flip side of wholeness is fragmentation - more duality. At some level I do belive you can have it both ways, but I won't address that here. My point is that humans on planet earth must live in duality. That is how things are created, from planets, to plants, to platypusses, to platitudes and finally to souls. Duality or the conflict of opposites is the matrix of creation - masculine/feminine, negative/positive, plus/minus, up/down, chaos/order, gain/loss, etc.

I also find those who argue strongly for unity, and then assert that one political party or the other is wrong.

NOTE TO SELF: To call one view, idea or person wrong is duality.

Perhaps this conflict exists because it ought to exist. There is a compulsion in us, let's call it Spirit, that moves us to unification and wholeness, healing and agreement - we often call this 'love.'

But there is another more subtle compulsion in us toward disagreement and wondering, questioning and separating from the herd.

Coming together is more pleasurable for most people, therefore more desirable, hence the emphasis on unity. Coming apart or loss is typically more painful, hence the shunning of such experiences as bad.

Lesson: Feelings have little to do with creation and soul-making.

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