Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eros to Saint Teresa

Eros spoke, "May I touch your flesh,
sear your breast with a lovely dart?
You will swoon dear one,
my poison will infect your heart
and make you forget the mundane,
those who watch your eyes roll back
will surely think you insane.
This world with all her woes will disappear from sight,
you will find ecstasy
as you slip from your body, through each kiss,
soaring into the velvet calm of the ethereal night."

Teresa whispered from her sleep,
"I have never known a man,
nor will I defile the flesh,
such love will never scorch my soul,
no palm nor lip shall cross my breast;
please take your dart and fly away,
let me wake another day
to love my God and serve my Lord,
mumble my prayers and read His Word."

Eros held his arrow aloft,
tilted his head and exposed her heart,
"Dear Teresa,
do you not understand?
Your God always comes disguised as a man,"
and drove his arrow home.


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