Monday, January 14, 2008


Those of us who hold to the so-called Prosperity teachings are sometimes challenged to find the positive in a world intentionally filled with challenges and problems, suffering and pathologies. On the surface, it is a problem, but when you scratch the varnish off the surface, the problem diminishes. Prosperity, like a three dimensional chess game, occurs on three levels, separately and simultaneously. The lowest level of prosperity is personal, the second is social/global, and the highest is in the invisible realm of soul-making. All three are important, and to be sought earnestly. All three are organically interrelated and cannot be separated.

The pursuit of personal and social prosperity are critical means to making soul. The basic human instincts are tested, the soul seed is watered and fertilized, the skin of soul (ego) is stretched to make room for more of God (The Good) through our strivings and surrenderings. Those who participate fully in the game of life, including self improvement, environmental care taking and world peace are simultaneously making souls, whether they 'succeed' or not. A person may make a million dollars or go bankrupt, die in battle at the age of 19 or in bed at the age of 91 and make a soul beyond visible comprehension. Jesus was likely referring to this idea when he said, "The first shall be last and the last shall be first." External appearnaces, in the realm of soul, reveal very little. You can see this principle being illustrated through the young life of Ofelia in the movie, Pan's Labyrinth. (I will not give the plot away if you want to see the movie, which I highly recommend, but the summary is here: Pan's Labyrinth).

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