Monday, August 20, 2007


EUTHENIA was the Greek Goddess or spirit (daimon) of Prosperity, Abundance and Plenty.

"Goddess Euthenia, I behold you as dynamic and intentional, living and expressive. I open my ego-self for you to express your traits of abundance and prosperity. I make myself a site for your good to come to me and through me in whatever manner best fits my destiny and vocation. Grant me all of the money, connections and circumstances that I need to fulfill my call to service, joy and well being. Allow me to bring wealth and abundance into as many lives as possible with the years I have on and off of this planet. I honor and recognize Your Presence and open my soul to your blessed awareness. Dwell in me and make me a rich blessing."

NOTE: In Judaism, the following prayer might be directed to Yahweh Jireh, the LORD our Provider; in Islam it would be directed to Al-Ghanaie (الغنى), the All-Rich God; Christians would address it to Jesus who came to "give life more abundantly" (John 10:10); South Americans would pray to Ekkeko; Hindus would say this prayer to Ganesh; ancient Romans would have directed it to the Goddess Ops or Abundantia; the Celts would have addressed Coventina, their goddess of abundance; Buddhists would rub the round belly of the Opulent Buddha; modern Americans would just pat themselves on the back for working hard. Every culture and civilization has recognized a dynamic Presence and intentional Power for Prosperity. Yes, we must find our vocation and do the work; and we must equally acknowledge that we do not do it alone.

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I love it - and will use it. thank you!